BRAM1BMP (Bone Morphogenic Protein) Receptor Associated Molecule 1
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This module has a symmetrical circuitry to generate read addresses for both ports of BRAM1 (i.e.
Upon initialization, both the left and right portions start working simultaneously, RD_ADDR_A of the left portion starts reading BRAM1 data as a set of four stored rows (Row 1,3,5,7 of input image) from port A in column scan order and delivers this premature data to output registers R0-R3.
Simultaneously left portion of symmetrical circuit performs the similar operation in parallel for port A of the BRAM1 by using COL_SEL_1, RD_ADDR_A and SWP_DATA.
Therefore it is necessary to properly hold and synchronize BRAM1 output for its validity for a complete CLK cycle and it's on time availability to convolution filter.