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BRAMEBlue Ribbon for the Awareness of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (Norfolk, UK)
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Those sources also said Brame, 58, will remain a consultant for the athletic department through the transition.
On April 26, Brame shot his wife and then committed suicide with his service weapon -- just eight weeks after Crystal Brame filed for divorce, and one day after media reports surfaced regarding David Brame's abusive behavior.
Bubb, the athletic director since 1995, and Brame failed to inform - according to Wilson - senior university officials of allegations of alleged drug use by Abraham, which were made to Bubb by members of the team following the 1996 season.
Brame (49) is the Chief Executive Officer of Regency Health Management, LLC, a privately held senior living management company based in Ooltewah, Tennessee.
Brame is an experienced coach but hasn't been on the bench in 15 years.
Brame received his law degree from Yale Law School and graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Vanderbilt University.
Songwriter Peter Brame spent yesterday vomiting into a bin in the boy's dormitory.
Stuart Brame, President of Harvard Scientific Corporation, announced on August 17, 2000 that an Agreement in Principle had been executed with Christopher Steffensen, President of PowerSkor Canada, Inc.
From my perspective, I'm absolutely stunned,'' said Judy Brame, CSUN associate athletic director-internal affairs, who will take over as acting women's basketball coach.
He chatted to staff members Judy Brame and Janet Saavedra at the converted building on the corner of Conway Road and Glyn y Marl Road opposite North Wales credit union.
If you look at crime rates from year to year and you see a change, there's a fundamental ambiguity in whether that change is caused by a real change in crime, a change in reporting or some of both," says criminologist Robert Brame of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, a coauthor of the new study.
After their profanity subsides, Brame realizes the fish and shark are still on her line.