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BRANBroadband Radio Access Networks
BRANBicycle Ride Across Nebraska
BRANBoulder Research and Administrative Network (fiber optic network project; Boulder, CO)
BRANBanbridge Regeneration Agencies Network (Banbridge, Northern Ireland)
BRANBale Research Advisory Network
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It may be, too, that I spoke somewhat shortly concerning the bran and the beans, the same being poor provender and unfitted for a man of my inches.
You arrived as soon as your letter, and you were so handsome--that you still are--and had a long yellow silk handkerchief round your neck, and a bran new hat on; oh, you were so dashing
yep, I rented two barns in Glen Ellen, an' I ordered fifty tons of hay an' a carload of bran an' barley from the store in Glenwood-- you see, I gotta feed all them fourteen horses, an' shoe 'm, an' everything.
My next difficulty was to make a sieve or searce, to dress my meal, and to part it from the bran and the husk; without which I did not see it possible I could have any bread.
How the Circumlocution Office, in course of time, took up the business as if it were a bran new thing of yesterday, which had never been heard of before; muddled the business, addled the business, tossed the business in a wet blanket.
There were all the female servants in a bran new uniform of pink muslin gowns with white bows in their caps, running about the house in a state of excitement and agitation which it would be impossible to describe.
Sterling, as he sends his son to him, and Wakem knows meal from bran.
But now, scientists at PHD Technologies have shown how defatted rice bran can be used in batter and breaded products to reduce oil absorption, essentially providing a finished product that contains less fat and fewer calories.
The RiceX Company (OTC:RICX), a leading manufacturer of highly nutritious functional food ingredients and agriceuticals derived from rice bran, today announced its strategic market leadership program penetrating target markets worldwide.
The more innovative can use the salad bar and load up with garbanzo beans or kidney beans (they are rich in the same type of soluble fiber oat bran contains).
Whatever happened to the oat bran craze that had us consuming (among other things) pieces of oat bran simply glued to potato chips or crackers?
To obtain optimal amounts of beta-glucan from oat bran, a person with elevated cholesterol needs to consume roughly 100 grams -- about three bowls full -- of bran each day, notes Yrjo Malkki, director of technical research of the Food Research Center in Espoo, Finland.