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With a flaming brand in each hand, he sprang to the edge of the fire.
My eyeballs started; my tongue lolled; I heard my brand drop, and through a mist I saw it picked up instantly.
With her native energy of character and rare capacity, it could not entirely cast her off, although it had set a mark upon her, more intolerable to a woman's heart than that which branded the brow of Cain.
Westmacott knows all about the brands of cigarettes.
"A thing agreed upon that you should burn my house!" vociferated D'Artagnan, snatching the brand from the hand of the incendiary, and striking him with it across the face.
"You smoke more than enough as it is, and the brand of tobacco will make no difference.
May I be blotted out from living men Ere such a plague spot set on me its brand!
If not, I will apply to the chancellor, I will apply to the king, I will apply to the hangman, I will move the courts against you, I will denounce you as branded, I will bring you to trial; and if you are acquitted, well, by the faith of a gentleman, I will kill you at the corner of some wall, as I would a mad dog.'"
Nothing of her ever comes to light - no grating, no lifebuoy, no piece of boat or branded oar - to give a hint of the place and date of her sudden end.
Has a small scar over her eye, a good many teeth missing, the letter A is branded on her cheek and forehead.'
The contemplative atheist is rare: a Diagoras, a Bion, a Lucian perhaps, and some others; and yet they seem to be more than they are; for that all that impugn a received religion, or superstition, are by the adverse part branded with the name of atheists.
Never had I heard such an ordering of liqueurs and of highballs of particular brands of Scotch.