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BRANDSBRITE Radar Alpha Numeric Display System
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All night, with burning brands, he fought off the hungry pack.
Every time he was thus awakened he drove back the wolves with flying brands, replenished the fire, and rearranged the pine-knot on his hand.
Flinging his brands at the nearest of his enemies, the man thrust his smouldering mittens into the snow and stamped about to cool his feet.
Burning brands made them spring aside, but they no longer sprang back.
Mechanically, at short range, without letting go of it, he thrust a brand full into her open and snarling mouth.
With a flaming brand in each hand, he sprang to the edge of the fire.
Best brands Georgian, none in market; second quality, 1851,
Several Georgians, fancy brands, 1852, changed hands to
My eyeballs started; my tongue lolled; I heard my brand drop, and through a mist I saw it picked up instantly.
vociferated D'Artagnan, snatching the brand from the hand of the incendiary, and striking him with it across the face.
You smoke more than enough as it is, and the brand of tobacco will make no difference.