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BRANDSBRITE Radar Alpha Numeric Display System
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All night, with burning brands, he fought off the hungry pack.
Perhaps you don't care for the brand. What are these, Clara?"
Has a small scar over her eye, a good many teeth missing, the letter A is branded on her cheek and forehead.'
Best brands Georgian, none in market; second quality, 1851,
My eyeballs started; my tongue lolled; I heard my brand drop, and through a mist I saw it picked up instantly.
When strangers looked curiously at the scarlet letter and none ever failed to do so -- they branded it afresh in Hester's soul; so that, oftentimes, she could scarcely refrain, yet always did refrain, from covering the symbol with her hand.
If not, I will apply to the chancellor, I will apply to the king, I will apply to the hangman, I will move the courts against you, I will denounce you as branded, I will bring you to trial; and if you are acquitted, well, by the faith of a gentleman, I will kill you at the corner of some wall, as I would a mad dog.'"
Nothing of her ever comes to light - no grating, no lifebuoy, no piece of boat or branded oar - to give a hint of the place and date of her sudden end.
"Ah, ah!" said he, "it gets warm." Then, turning to his companion: "There is the signal," added he; and he immediately applied the burning brand to the wainscoting.
The contemplative atheist is rare: a Diagoras, a Bion, a Lucian perhaps, and some others; and yet they seem to be more than they are; for that all that impugn a received religion, or superstition, are by the adverse part branded with the name of atheists.
I'll use a brand that is not offensive even to the angels.
CHORUS Brand not a friend whom babbling tongues assail; Let not suspicion 'gainst his oath prevail.