BRAOBranch Retinal Artery Occlusion
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The third most common cause of optic disc edema is BRAO in 2% cases in age group of 41-50yr.
Majority of case DOV were due to local cause due to optic neuropathy, AION, BRAO.
The third most common local cause of optic disc oedema was BRAO in 2% cases in age group of 41-50yr.
The 1994 revisions to the BRAO expressly recognized MDPs as an allowed practice structure, Nnona, supra note 9, at 154, and allowed lawyers and accountants to share fees with accountants for the first time.
The procedure for inscription in local bar associations is governed by Section 207 of the BRAO, and is outlined below.
As stated above, EU lawyers who have become members of local German bar associations under Section 206, Subsection (1), of the BRAO may not advise on German law from their German offices.
In Germany, the agreement was implemented by including a new Section 206, Subsection (2), in the BRAO, which roughly translated reads:
In addition to visual field loss, ophthalmoscopy in these patients may reveal signs of retinal vasculitis, BRAO and optic atrophy.
BRAO seen in SS is generally bilateral and affects multiple retinal fields.
14,17,18) We also found in the current study that OCT examination provided useful information regarding retinal atrophic changes secondary to BRAO in SS.
After obtaining an informed consent for TYE for BRAO, the right eye was anesthetized with topical drops.
Numerous treatment modalities have been attempted in both CRAO and BRAO without much success including low-intensity photocoagulation, intravenous prostaglandin El infusion, and enhanced external counter pulsation.