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BRASSCentre for Business Relationships, Accountability, Sustainability and Society (UK)
BRASSBorder Release Advanced Screening and Selectivity
BRASSBridge Rating and Analysis of Structural Systems (software)
BRASSBerkeley Reconfigurable Architectures, Systems and Software
BRASSBreathe, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze (firearms training)
BRASSBasic Rapid Alarm Security System
BRASSBroadcast and Ship to Shore (maritime wireless telecommunications)
BRASSBreathe, Relax, Aim, Sight, Squeeze (marksmanship Training)
BRASSBankruptcy Remote Access Service System
BRASSBeef Reporting, Analysis, and Status System
BRASSBow River Authentic Singing Society (barbershop quartet)
BRASSBottom Reflected Acoustic Sonar System
BRASSBase Resource Analysis Support System
BRASSBistatic Radar Sub-System
BRASSBilling, Rating And Service System
BRASSUS Term for Military Leaders
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Mr Brass encouraging this idea, as he would have encouraged any other emanating from the same source, the dwarf walked in to try the effect.
He was, for some days, restrained by business from performing any particular pranks, as his time was pretty well occupied between taking, with the assistance of Mr Brass, a minute inventory of all the goods in the place, and going abroad upon his other concerns which happily engaged him for several hours at a time.
Before the child could reply to this earnest solicitation, the street-door opened, and Mr Brass thrusting out his night-capped head called in a surly voice, 'Who's there
Before Mr Brass had repeated his inquiry many times, Mr Quilp, also embellished with a night-cap, emerged from the same door and looked carefully up and down the street, and up at all the windows of the house, from the opposite side.
Praised for their "high level of musicality and technical ability" and for their "clean, clear and precise sound," the award-winning Axiom Brass Quintet has quickly established itself as "one of the major art music groups in brass chamber music.
I was actually astounded that he loaded mixed manufacturers of brass and then proceeded to compare it against new, consistent, single-manufacture Starline brass--from the same lot, no less
It was there to mark the start of the 11-year-old festival known as Durham BRASS and to act as a backdrop to rousing performances by street bands Oompah Brass, from London, and Back Chat Brass, from Leeds.
Global Brass and Copper Holdings Inc (NYSE:BRSS) revealed on Monday that Bill Toler takes over as executive vice president (EVP) of Strategic Planning and Development of the company and Dale Taylor as president of Olin Brass, both as of 3 April 2017.
The Olympus shelving unit from ELK's Sterling brand couples an aged brass finish with white and gray wood drawers.
A Yes, the direction in which the empty brass is ejected can be altered and relatively easily.
Holmfirth Picturedrome witnessed some first class brass at the weekend as the competition rolled into town.
Detlev Glanert, a house composer for the RCO, wrote Concertgeblaas (concert blaring) specially for the RCO brass, and it was premiered at the Carre Theater in 2012.