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Our only chance is to keep those two brats out of sight.
"I didn't bring anything " began Rose, but was interrupted by the Brats (otherwise Will and Geordie), who appeared bearing the big bundle, so much demoralised by its fall that a red flannel tunic trailed out at one end and a little blue dressing-gown at the other, while the knobs proved to be a toilet-case, rubbers, and a silver mug.
Very solemnly the red-headed brats rosc from the floor and formed a semicircle.
One of the brats, a boy about eight years old-could he have been in the fields last night?-was watching me as he sung.
This animal, their accustomed playmate, having come as far as the threshold, the little brats made such an energetic attack upon him, that he was forced to beat a hasty retreat.
"Here, you Jim, git up, now, while I belt yer life out, you damned disorderly brat."
I cannot see how the future of an unfledged brat like that can possibly concern you!"
Thou canst not even skin him properly, little beggar brat, and forsooth I, Buldeo, must be told not to singe his whiskers.
Consider, brat, that I am an old woman and not altogether a fool.
I am only a beggar's brat, as the Eye of Beauty has said,' he wailed in extravagant terror.
Earnshaw was ready to fling it out of doors: she did fly up, asking how he could fashion to bring that gipsy brat into the house, when they had their own bairns to feed and fend for?
"What does my mother with that brat of thine, Mopo?" he asked of me.