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BRAWBooks, Reading, and Writing (Scotland, UK; children's literacy program)
BRAWBluebird Restoration Association of Wisconsin
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At present, China has formed a group of well-known office furniture manufacturers, which include Lamex, China Resources Logic, UB, Aurora, Changjiang, Huali, Huaya, Chengfeng, Jianwei, Keyu, Ocean, Braw, Nanyang, Rongfeng, Guojing, Zhongtai and Chunguang.
Ac mae yna ryw deimlad o dristwch ac anobaith yn llifo drwy'r gyfrol mor araf a llif afon Braw, sydd yn hollbresennol yn y straeon.
The booth, run by Braw Beard Oils, will open at George Square from noon to 3pm on August 10.
Not quite as braw as a plate of stovies, but entertaining nonetheless.
Pwnc sy'n achosi braw, a chyflwr sy'n taro yn ddirybudd ydy alopecia.
Dinna fash yersel, it's a braw wee book and guid fir awbody.
Ond pan mae'r nyrs yn crybwyll y babi, mae Lois yn gweld y braw ar wyneb Huw ac yn erfyn arno am faddeuant.
BRAW N GP team principal Ross Brawn was full of praise for his team as they made it two wins out of two in their inaugural Formula One season with victory at the rain-shortened Malaysian Grand Prix yesterday.
In fact the real damage to my knee was done during an eightsome reel, when a bonny, but very braw, lassie got me in a step-over-toe-hold, brought me crashing to the floor and got instant submission.
1 and submitted his resignation Monday, said Mary Braw, a spokeswoman for Facey.