BRBDBatch Replace Benefit/Deduction
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3 Jat pushed ahead and crossed the bridge over the BRBD Canal at about 1000 hours on September 6, but were repulsed by 3 Baloch in fierce fighting around the Bata shoe factory and withdrew to the area of Dograi on the east bank.
India's central axis in the Lahore sector was directed north-west towards Lahore and was intended to cross the BRBD Canal near Burki, a hamlet about 400 metres on the eastern side of the canal defended by a company of 17 Punjab, part of the two-company covering force of 13 Infantry Brigade.
Claims that the area of Burki and Nurpur/Hudiara (half-way between the border and the BRBD Canal) was strongly defended appear incorrect.
The approved development scheme included Land Acquisition and Construction of Boundary Wall for Construction of Waste Water Treatment Plants at Mehmood Booti, Shahdbagh and Shahdara, Lahore and Construction of Surface Water Treatment Plant at BRBD Canal, Near Ravi Syphon, Lahore at the cost of Rs 2953.