BRCCCBoronia Radio Control Car Club (Australia)
BRCCCBeckley-Raleigh County Chamber of Commerce (Beckley, WV)
BRCCCBaton Rouge Christian Counseling Center (Baton Rouge, LA)
BRCCCBlack Rock City Combat Club
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Under the Building Regional Climate Capacity in the Caribbean (BRCCC) Programme, the CIMH continued to improve the range and use of climate-based products and services available to sectoral decision-makers.
The BRCCC and ECCC programmes both saw national level buy-in as important and explored this through their support for National Climate Outlook Forums, national stakeholder consultations, and national training workshops.
Medio brB- 16 Baixo brCCC 17 Um devedor com um rating 'brCCC' apresenta-se ATUALMENTE VULNERAVEL, e depende de condicoes comerciais e financeiras favoraveis para honrar seus compromissos financeiros, quando comparado a outros devedores brasileiros.