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BRCTBangladesh Rehabilitation Centre for Trauma Victims
BRCTBRCA1 C-Terminus
BRCTBlue Ribbon Commission on Transportation
BRCTBasic Rebel Clown Training (performance art)
BRCTBase Repair Cycle Time
BRCTBarham Radio Car Track (UK)
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The LIG_BRCT_BRCA1_1 motif corresponding with amino acid residues LSFLF (896-900) that is a functional residue of Phosphopeptide motif, which directly interacts with the BRCT (carboxy-terminal) domain of the Breast Cancer Gene BRCA1 with low affinity and BRCA1-BARD1 complex.
Conserved BRCT regions of TopBP1 and of the tumor suppressor BRCA1 bind strand breaks and termini of DNA.
On the other hand the nonsense mutation in our patient, generated a termination codon in exon 3 and thus a truncated protein of 46 amino acids, encoding only the N-terminal BRCT domain of the MCPH1 protein.
The COOH-terminus of BRCA1 protein contains an amino acid sequence motif known as BRCT domain.
go sh it brct y now, a couple of my other friends had engaged and though I kept up a good w of being excited for them, I just wished was me still.
Brief Relational Cultural Therapy (BRCT) is based on Relational-Cultural Theory (RCT), which is a model of psychological development that considers gender, power and cultural factors within a relational context.
Taken together, they improve on Base Reduplicant Correspondence Theory (BRCT; McCarthy and Prince 1995) as an overall approach to reduplication, although there are many formal similarities between BRCT and phonological duplication.
* Border Research and Technology Center (BRTC): BRCT works with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, U.S.
Expression of human BRCA1 Delta17--19 alternative splicing variant with a truncated BRCT domain in MCF-7 cells results in impaired assembly of DNA repair complexes and aberrant DNA damage response.
Codon 399 is located in the BRCT I domain of XRCC1 required for PARP binding and SSB repair.