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BRDBundesrepublik Deutschland (German)
BRDBard (gaming)
BRDBovine Respiratory Disease
BRDBiological Resources Division (USGS)
BRDBusiness Requirements Document
BRDBycatch Reduction Device (fishing industry)
BRDBeyond a Reasonable Doubt (legal)
BRDBusiness Requirement Document (EAN)
BRDBeyond Reasonable Doubt
BRDBook Review Digest
BRDBlue Ray Disk
BRDBanca Romana de Dezvoltare (Romania)
BRDBrainerd, MN, USA (Airport Code)
BRDBiological Research Division (USGS)
BRDBlack Rock Desert
BRDBanque Rwandaise de Développement (French: Rwandan Development Bank)
BRDBlack Rock Depths (MMORPG World of Warcraft)
BRDBiomedical Research Database (DoD)
BRDBackground Review Document (NIH)
BRDBlack Rifle Disease (obsessive interest in the AR15/M16 rifle)
BRDBlack Rose Dragon (YuGiOh)
BRDBulk Relative Density (asphaltic concrete)
BRDBlack River Digital
BRDBubba Ray Dudley (wrestler)
BRDBusiness Requirements Development
BRDBomb Release Distance
BRDBooster Requirements Document
BRDBiocidal Products Directive
BRDBlack Runed Dagger (gaming)
BRDBuild, Release, Deploy
BRDBig Red Dog
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The PA-11 not only enabled us to meet the delivery pressure requirements of the local utility, it helped keep our overall capital costs down, which, in turn, helped maintain the project's viability," said Greg Maclean, co-founder of BRD.
In a statement, BRD said that the assets included a commercial bank subsidiary, an insurance brokerage fire and a commercial plot in Kigali.
BRD occurs in both acute (rapid onset) and chronic (gradual onset) forms and it is important to observe for both types.
Kushwaha ( principal, BRD Medical College) and SSP, Gorakhpur, Ashutosh Kumar.
The causative agent of BRD in the Manila clam was shown to be Vibrio tapetis, a species of Vibrio that is capable of growth at low temperatures and high salinity (Paillard & Maes 1995a, Paillard & Maes 1995b).
Non-BRD pots caught a total of 525 crabs, with 216 of those being of marketable size (5" or 127 mm) versus 383 total crabs and 149 marketable-sized crabs in BRD pots.
Developed as a universal bank, capable to meet the needs of increasingly larger segments of clients, BRD designed, founded and implemented a Quality Management System (QMS), registered by Moody International as being in accordance with the requirements of the SR EN ISO 9001:2001 standard after conducting a certification audit in December 2002 for the first time.
To test each BRD type in each size of net, we conducted twenty paired tows at night during a three-week sampling period in each season.
The development of the signs of BRD may be favored by the entry of bacteria in the extrapallial compartments via mechanical disruptions of the periostracal lamina and/or chipping of the shell margin.
During the last twenty-four hours, two more deaths were reported at the BRD Medical College Hospital in Gorakhpur.
This antimicrobial, manufactured by Bayer HealthCare Animal Health Division, is proven highly effective against the major bacteria associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD) and is approved specifically for treatment of BRD in beef cattle.
Romania-based bank, BRD, a unit of Societe Generale (SOGN.