BRDFBidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function
BRDFBidirectional Reflection Distribution Function
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The SOC-210 BDR Bidirectional Reflectometer is a precision laboratory instrument designed for mapping bidirectional reflectance distribution functions (BRDF) of surfaces, paints, coatings, liquids, and particles.
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The ceremony started with recitation from the Holy Qur'an, then Commander of (BRDF) Major General Jaber Abdullah bin Huwail delivered a speech marking the occasion.
This study provides a novel method to estimate LAI for a variety of crops with different canopy geometric features using BRDF data in large scale, which can provide reference for developing multi-angle airborne or space-borne sensors in the future.
"We developed an ultra-thin and flexible BRDF [bidirectional reflectance distribution function, a four-dimensional function defining how light is reflected at an opaque surface] screen using the mixture of two colloidal liquids," Ochiai wrote.
First operational BRDF, albedo nadir reflectance products from MODIS, Remote Sensing of Environment 83: 135-148.
The most of studied surfaces have a high gradient of the BRDF for the observation angles near the direction of specular reflection and of the BTDF for direct transmission.
Chapters cover technical aspects of rendering and imaging, offering diagrams, equations, explanations of HDR environments, image-based BRDF models, and more.