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For my flight I was given 8000 out of LNA, radar vectors to LBV then BRDGE 7.1 stayed at 8000 until directed by ATC to descend to 6000 around ROGAN.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of 525mm dia RCC water supp y Trunk Man with 6C0mm dia MS pipe under Brdge No 251 (Arch) and 251- A(RUB) near Rail Nilayam, Mettjguoa X Roacs under Marredpally Section.
Tenders are invited for Hss Machine Brdge Reamers Size - 23.5 Mm Is : 5919.
Tender notice number : STN 140/SECCA/15-16 OTM in Plakattumpilly Brdge Rd
Tenders are invited for 1.Reconstruction of Causeway across Vannanvari at Dhakshinamoorthypuram in Unjiyaviduthi Panchayat 2.Reconstruction of of RCC brdge across Rajamadam vaikkal in Therku theru in Kilamangalam Panchayat.
Tenders are invited for Replacement of cracked RCC Slab of Bridge No.5 at km 528/0-1 and Bridge No.26 at km 551/6-7 on MTD-JU section and Replacement of arch Brdge No.59 with new RCC box at km 508/0-1 in MTD-DNA section under ADEN/DNA.