BRDMBoyevaya Razvedyuatel'naya Dozornaya Meshina (Russian combat reconnaissance patrol vehicle)
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In BRDM, the blackboard is used to list down recommendable adjacent nodes to forward a future query.
Although the acronym indicates a reconnaissance vehicle, it is not to be confused with the BRDM and BRDM-2 which are 4x4 light vehicles.
Similarly, machine guns and mortars mounted in the M-113s gave the essential close support against Egyptian infantry when they left their own BRDM carders.
New BRDM armored-personnel-carriers, along with some of the newer artillery pieces, were spotted being unloaded at the port of Alexandria and later deployed along the Canal.
Some of these were conducted from test stands, and some from a prototype launcher on a BRDM vehicle.
The Russians originally relied on wheeled reconnaissance vehicles of the BRDM scout car family, some of which have been modified by Poland with mast-mounted sensor systems.
While a better carrier will never substitute for good training and tactics, the current Russian armored personnel carriers (BTR-80, BRDM, BMD, BMP-2, and MMT-LB) have long been considered underarmored.
Hereinafter the Act) framework contract for the supply of tires, off-road and light trucks, technically eligible for year-round use on military (or road) vehicles P-V3S, T-815, T-810, T-148, DINGO, PANDUR, IVECO, SCAM, BRDM 2 lifts PV06-04A and PV16-12, LRD 90 LRD 110, LRD 130 and UAZ and all their modifications in the Army on the road and in the field according to the current needs of the client.