BRDOBoard Resourcing and Development Office (British Columbia, Canada)
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'They were ambushed and killed at the Golo Brdo location.
Luckily, Brdo decided to stop before the next turn when he heard Vinzik calling out to him.
Near the Brdo castle, the new centre includes three natural-grass football pitches and a sports training unit that caters to various requirements.
Working with the BRDO is nothing new to North Wales, Denbighshire Council is already working with the body on its 'Better Business for All' scheme to make business regulations easier to access and understand.
BRDO is working with them as part of the Government's wider support for LEPs in their early development.
Euro-Commissioner Stefan Fule did Europe credit by being the first to leave Brdo, which was a signal for the analysts that the Balkans is not a priority for the Union.
Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski said at Brdo near Kranj in Slovenia Macedonia was interested in resolving the name issue much more than Greece.
Bush was speaking during his last EU-US summit, on 10 June in Brdo, Slovenia.
BRDO, Slovenia: The European Union backs a proposal put forward by the International Monetary Fund's executive board to give countries like China and India more voting rights within the lender, EU president Slovenia said.
The informal Council at Brdo was an occasion for the Commission to take the pulse of the delegations before putting the finishing touches to the text, which is scheduled to be presented on June 17.
Some of his other works are short stories--Prvi snijeg (The First Snow, 1951), Gosti (Guests, 1967), Poslednje brdo (The Last Hill, 1967)--and the novel Pramen tame (A Patch of Darkness, 1970).