BRDSBounded Running Digital Sum
BRDSBlue Ridge Dusky Salamander (amphibian species)
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While BRDs can effectively reduce unwanted catches (typically by 30-90%; Broadhurst, 2000), often there are issues associated with adoption and acceptance by fisheries.
At a time when the Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd, which does all the licensed production of foreign aircraft for the IAF, is unable to absorb technology to the satisfaction of the Air Force, the BRDs are carrying out work more efficiently.
We conducted a side-by-side comparison of crab pots fitted and not fined with BRDs from May to August in 2007-2009.
To test whether by-catch species are threatened by trawling, and whether BRDs are effective, the scientists need reliable estimates of species' abundances.
Codends made entirely by square meshes are bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) that separate species based on their size-mechanical separation.
During the last 20 years, concerns over the mortality of these organisms have culminated in complete closures to fishing at some locations, and the development of, and legislation for, modifications to trawls, including bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) and square-mesh codends, for use throughout the remaining fleet (Broadhurst and Kennelly, 1996; Macbeth et al., 2007).
I am suggesting that the increasing numbers of brds of prey in the countryside will decrease numbers of chicks that hatch in nests on open fields.
Lateral mesh openings were experimentally increased and physical bycatch reduction devices (BRDs) were placed in codends.
The new road will cross land specially managed to encourage rare lapwings - prompting an objection from the Royal Society for the Protection of Brds. The RSPB said it was not opposed to the scheme, but wanted Airbus to consider setting aside alternative land for the birds.