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BREAK LOCKthe Breaking of the Lock of A Tracking Radar
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"They seal themselves in the morning and break locks in the evening.
As the teams prepared to take the break locked at 0-0, a tidy finish from Bata saw Angkor take the lead, and he was back a minute before the final whistle for a well-deserved double.
Summary: They used sharp tools to break locks and gain access inside the private property.
The party also decided to expedite its anti-corruption campaign in Punjab and break locks of the civil secretariat offices of the provincial government, locked in protest against arrest of Lahore Development Authority (LDA) DG Ahad Khan Cheema.
The law of the land should apply to everybody so why do travellers break locks to get onto private property and never get prosecuted?
A local source in Hawija told the National Iraqi News Agency / NINA /: "Daesh had confiscated a farm belonging to a person from the residents of Hawija and made it a prison for the security forces and young men from the people of the region, but the owner of the farm was able to sneak and break locks and release them.
They break locks, barriers cause criminal damage and yet not once have any of them been arrested!