BREDLBlue Ridge Environmental Defense League
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From this perspective, analysis of the digital content produced by the audience of a TV show constitutes a promising framework for making sense of these ongoing mutations (Bredl et al., 2013; D'Heer & Verdegem, 2015).
Bredl, K., Ketzer, C., Hunniger, J., & Fleischer, J.
The BREDL decision also illustrates another trend in the
above, the BREDL court held that not even new information related to
The Blue Ridge Environmental Defense League (BREDL) is a local group fighting for more scrutiny of Champion's Bleach Filtrate Recycling process (an ECF process that also uses chlorine dioxide).
Organised by the Bahrain Internet Society (BIS), as a part of the Bahrain International e-Government Forum 2014, the workshop will be conducted by Take Off PR managing partner Martin Bredl, CLIPA-TIZE founder and chief executive Jakub (Kuba) Lebuda and SuperSocial Marketing New Media Agency founder and chief executive Mathias Hs.
It will be conducted by three top notch speakers - Austrian Martin Bredl who is Take Off PR's managing partner; Jakub Lebuda, founder and chief executive of Clipatize, an explanatory video production house in Poland; and Mathias Hs who is chief executive and founder of Social Marketing New Media Agency.
lasalle (45) - Hicks 28, Mahmud 5, Soberanls 3, Pouser 3, Navak 4, Cliborn 2, Bredl, Jones, O'dell, Knoth, D'Amore.
Joe Bredl first beat the crocodile called Solomon with a rake.