BREFBAT reference documents (EIPPCB)
BREFBrackett Refugee Education Fund (est. 1997)
BREFBlue Ridge Earth First
BREFBiomedical Research and Education Facility (University of Texas)
BREFBiomedical Research and Education Foundation (Philadelphia, PA)
BREFBasic Rights Education Fund (Oregon)
BREFBest Available Technique Reference Notes
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Each BREF sets mandatory emissions levels and performance techniques that industry must comply with under the Industrial Emissions Directive (IED).
52) Variables Social Total Relationships WHOQOL- BREF score Meaningfulness < 0.
The WHO Quality of Life BREF assessment evaluates the domains of physical, psychological, and environmental health, as well as social relationships.
Cronbach's reliability coefficient-- WHOQOL-BREF and WHOQOL-OLD WHOQOL- Coefficient BREF No of Domain Before [por lo tanto] After items General 0.
Health related quality of life and depression WHOQOL BREF women depression No depression x(SD) x(SD) p-value DOM global 12.
It also endorsed the compromise proposal to increase to five years (instead of four) the deadline for member states to review the authorisations following the publication of a new BREF.
The Mining Waste BREF will be revised because techniques have evolved since the first version was finalised, new activities like shale gas exploration are gaining importance and certain techniques require new assessment (e.
The last twoof these are dealt with in a separate BREF on surface treatment using solvents;
The last two of these are dealt with in a separate BREF on surface treatment using solvents;