BREMABremische Landesmedienanstalt (German)
BREMABritish Radio and Electronic Equipment Manufacturers' Association
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For example, plasma visfatin levels mirror changes in blood glucose following aerobic exercise, and in hyperglycemic, insulin-imparied subjects, plasma visfatin independently augments glucose uptake (Brema et al.
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Special thanks to Antonio Muntadas, Rebecca Brema, and Bruno David for their help in translating and transcribing this interview.
By Dubai Destination, she is a half-sister to Italian Listed winner Biancarosa and out of the Oaks d'Italia runner-up Rosa Di Brema.
The following examples from the Little Snug House curriculum illustrate unique venues of drama integration: 1) story drama (e.g., Musicians of Brema) and folktales (e.g., The Little Rooster and the Diamond Button, Lottridge, 2001), for solidifying comprehension before or after reading the story; 2) preplanned drama (e.g,.