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"Though the thickening plots prevent the same delicate character work that came before, Breq remains an effortless narrator, both sharply present and emotionally oblique.
"Despite its weaponized title, Ancillary Sword is a quiet book whose plot turns on teapots and mourning rites--in its long middle, Breq worries at problems whose full import you most likely won't apprehend until much later.
"Leckie's character-building is superb and consistent, and nowhere more than in the fully realized character of Breq....
While a different book from the first in some ways, not least of all Breq's narrowed perspective in the follow-up, Sword has every bit as much energy, originality, and scope as its predecessor.
The character Breq, the former ancillary, exists in perpetual tension--conflict would be too strong a word--between (to choose a pronoun) its former collective identity and its current singleton state.
However, when it is shown that Captain Sisko is attracted to the only other black human female on his space station, and when we are presented with Breq from Ancillary Justice, whose otherness is presented as a problem that needs to be solved, we start to question the extent to which science fiction truly subverts traditional norms regarding racial expressions.
El item <<porque me pongo nervioso si no hago ejercicio regularmente>>, inicialmente creado para medir la regulacion identificada en la primera version del BREQ (Mullan et al., 1997), fue incluido en este estudio como medida de la regulacion introyectada.
A continuacion se testo la estructura factorial del nuevo BREQ utilizando el analisis factorial confirmatorio y se sometio a prueba su invarianza por sexo y edad.
Los valores de ACFI encontrados en este estudio en la comparacion del modelo sin restricciones con los modelos con invarianza en los pesos de medida y en las covarianzas sugieren que la estructura factorial del BREQ es invariante por sexo y por edad.
The Story : For a millennium, the artificial intelligence Breq (who narrates the story) controlled the hive mind of the starship Justice of Toren until being fragmented in a treacherous act into a single, ancillary being with a human body.
With a host of original ideas and a breakout character in Breq, the novel has been cited as one of the most accomplished debuts since N.