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Ostensibly, Fanon's primary source of knowledge about Brer Rabbit is an article by Bernard Wolfe, which appeared in the May 1949 issue of Les temps modernes.
And Kate and her team should maybe take heart from a whole crowd of literary heroes - from James, who escaped his evil aunts on a giant peach, from mischievous Brer Rabbit and from that young wizard Harry Potter.
There are several characters in Invisible Man whose behaviour patterns are analogous to that of Brer rabbit in the oral literature.
The chief attraction of his tales has always been the character of Brer Rabbit.
Which writer created the characters Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox?
The white power structure in the community has long venerated Harris's Uncle Remus tales, commemorating them with a small museum, a figure of Brer Rabbit on the courthouse lawn, and the annual Tar Baby 10K Run.
A lonely boy living on a southern plantation is entertained by elderly servant Uncle Remus's enchanting tales of Brer Rabbit, Brer Fox and Brer Bear.
Madafo is a musician, historian, poet and teacher who tells stories rooted in his African American past, like Brer Rabbit stories.
Race adheres to McKenzie's project like tar to Brer Rabbit.
The Adventures of Mouse Deer: Tales of Indonesia and Malaysia is a retelling of some of South Asia's most popular folklore, about Mouse Deer, a creature who is small but brave and cunning--in many ways similar to the trickster fox of other mythologies, or Brer Rabbit of more contemporary children's literature.
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