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BRESBoothbay Region Elementary School (Harbor, ME)
BRESBlue Ridge Elementary School (Warrensville, NC)
BRESBristow Run Elementary School (Bristow, VA)
BRESBettis Reactor Engineering School
BRESButte Reclamation Evaluation System (Butte, MT)
BRESBrown and Root Energy Services
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Then, as soon as he had satisfied himself with looking at it, he said to his mother, "Mother, the god has given me armour, meet handiwork for an immortal and such as no-one living could have fashioned; I will now arm, but I much fear that flies will settle upon the son of Menoetius and breed worms about his wounds, so that his body, now he is dead, will be disfigured and the flesh will rot."
Frankly, if you receive a modest stack of BREs including orders and checks.
One solution: I knew a publisher who printed a "prospect code" on his BREs. "It was the same one on every envelope, PC3630331, but evidently some of these clowns think I can use it to track them, because my volume of crank mail went way down."
Even in 2002 there is still debate over whether to include a business reply envelope (BRE) in a newsletter marketing package.
In the last survey I did on the question, 95 percent of consumer titles included a BRE (although I see what might be described as a mini-trend among smaller titles to make it a "courtesy reply envelope" rather than post-paid).
The response there showed that only about 50 percent include a BRE in the package.
In that instance, as well as for "Bill my company" orders, including a BRE makes it possible for the prospect to complete the order, insert it into the BRE, and toss the envelope into the outgoing mail without ever involving the accounting department.
Another person said he even receives returned BREs from large corporations--indicating that even big accounting departments like the convenience.