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BREWBinary Runtime Environment for Wireless
BREWBeagle Rescue, Education and Welfare
BREWBusiness Resource Efficiency and Waste
BREWBinary Run-time Environment for Wireless (Qualcomm)
BREWBusiness Real Estate Weekly (Scottsdale, AZ)
BREWBioinformatics Research and Education Workshop (computational molecular biology conference)
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Toddy Cold Brew Coffee Black Label: a 4:1 cold brew concentrate that delivers a perfectly balanced cold brew coffee.
What Qualcomm hopes BREW will do is enable developers to write, and then brand, new applications, which will then be bought or licensed by carriers.
617-523-8383) was not only the first brew pub the first to brew beer in Massachusetts in 22 years.
Partner brewing allows craft breweries to expand their distribution without the overhead costs of building a new brewery or transporting beer across the country," says Tim Schoen, founder and CEO of Brew Hub.
But Frankel liked Milwaukee Brew the best of the two, and he was asked what he thought the son of Wild Again's odds might have been if he'd run uncoupled.
Photo: (1--Color) Award-winning beer crafters Rocky Herbert, left, and Meleq Kacani of Simi Valley will see their brew marketed as LongShot Bock.
Yet with 5 million barrels of beer sold last year, specialty brewers - including regional brewers, microbrewers and brew pubs - captured only 2.
The entrepreneurs considered opening a brew pub to serve their beers but saw limited opportunity in Maryland.