BRGCBinary Reflected Gray Code
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Generally speaking, Linearly Separable SubCode (LSSC) [11] is an encoding scheme that was introduced to replace Direct Binary Representation (DBR) and Binary Reflected Gray Code (BRGC) schemes in discretization for efficient classification purpose.
It is reported in [11] that the more such bit redundancy is used, the higher the improvement of discretization performance could result as compared to that of DBR and BRGC. (See [11] for a more detailed explanation about the advantage of LSSC over DBR and BRGC in biometric discretization).
(B) Equal Probable (EP) quantization and Binary Reflected Gray Code (BRGC) encoding-based discretization (EP+BRGC) [3][10][20]
This is different from the case of DBR and BRGC encoding where the resultant length of the binary output of each dimension will be equivalent to the actual bit entropy offered by each dimension.
Therefore, given a specific entropy requirement L, for (A) BRGC or (B) DBR encoding-based discretization where n = I bits, we have