BRICMBrazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico (economic markets)
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The report shows that SMEs from BRICM markets are more likely to seek growth opportunities in other developing countries, while SMEs from the G7 economies are more active in other developed markets.
And with the BRICM markets largely being more robust in the recession (with Russia being an exception) than the rich world, drinks companies have kept a close eye on their tastes and demand.
Brasil es miembro del llamado bloque BRICM (Brasil, Rusia, India, China y Mexico), y se proyecta como una de las economias mas grandes para el ano 2050.
BRICM includes Brazil, Russia, India, China and Mexico.
While this is a function of the developed world still boasting significantly higher consumption per capita than emerging markets, which incentivizes BRICM SMEs to do business internationally, it does suggest that G7 SMEs face a major challenge to develop their international operations as the balance of power inevitably shifts eastwards.