BRIDGBiomedical Research Integrated Domain Group
BRIDGBusiness Research and Information Development Group
BRIDGBimonthly Records and Information Discussion Group
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org to learn more about the BRIDG program or other research studies under way.
The primary goal of the BRIDG program is cross-training promising investigators to translate CIH (formerly known as complementary and alternative medicine) concepts into testable, multidisciplinary research hypotheses and to apply translational research methods to CIH-oriented research.
BRIDG assists communities to establish government capacity building within these corporations.
Vern Bachiu, Manager of the BRIDG program, is in charge of ensuring that the program supports the Primrose Resources Corporation in their joint business initiatives.
Under Bachiu's leadership, nearly 20 Aboriginal communities have become members of the BRIDG program.
As one of the four pilot projects funded by the government last year to help Aboriginal communities partner with important economic development and energy projects countrywide, BRIDG can now extend to eight more communities with the new funds.
We feel confident that those companies implementing these standards in the biopharmaceutical industry and medical research area will especially appreciate the BRIDG project.
The BRIDG tools are designed to help our consultants jumpstart the entire implementation process," said John Southcott, global managing director, Baan Service Line.
Deloitte Consulting/ICS is demonstrating the capabilities of IndustryPrint and its BRIDG suite of tools throughout BaanWorld '98.
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