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BRIEFBehavior Rating Inventory of Executive Functioning (psychological assessment)
BRIEFBasic Reconfigurable Interactive Editing Facility
BRIEFBusiness Review Indonesia Forum
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"Alexey Alexandrovitch, you are not like yourself," said Oblonsky, after a brief pause.
She gave a little shudder, for she thought that either this was death or that the knife had buried itself in her heart and she was experiencing the brief delirium preceding death.
I will live long enough to find and kill that beast!" But the brief effort left him weaker than before, and he sank back again upon the rotting grasses that, with his old ulster, had been the bed of Jane Porter.
He prescribed one pellet with an unpronounceable name, and left after demanding twenty dollars for his brief visit.
I should not have encouraged her to do so, had she been inclined; but happily she was not: she only asked a few questions concerning you, and seemed satisfied with my brief answers, wherein she showed herself wiser than her friend; and I may tell you, too, that she seemed to be far more anxious lest you should think too much of her, than lest you should forget her.'
One prisoner of fifteen years had scratched verses upon his walls, and brief prose sentences--brief, but full of pathos.
A very brief examination of the interior convinced him that he was indeed alone.
His eyes lighted on a big headline, with a brief five lines under it.
Comes old American stock, thirsting across the Great American Desert, mule-backing across the Isthmus, wind-jamming around the Horn, to write brief and forgotten names where ten thousand generations of wild Indians are equally forgotten--names like Halleck, Hastings, Swett, Tait, Denman, Tracy, Grimwood, Carlton, Temple.
I opened the letter rather indifferently, for father, with all his excellent and lovable traits, was but a poor correspondent; his letters were usually very brief and very unimportant.
Wallace's excellent memoir, some brief extracts from my manuscripts.
This only for a brief period; for presently I heard no more.
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