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BRIG GENBrigadier General
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Favour Ebiebo who spoke on behalf of the women unit of the ex-agitators said they've benefitted immensely from skill acquisition programme of the Amnesty Office since Brig Gen Boro assumed office.
Brig Gen Al Matroushi said failure to maintain alarm systems and other fire equipment is one of the main reasons for fire incidents in buildings.
The Omani side was chaired by Brig Rashid bin Saif al Shidi, Assistant SAF Chief of Staff for Operations and Planning while it was chaired from the Iranian side by Brig Gen Mostafa Salami.
The Brig Gen Jassim Muhammad Al-Ansari joined Kuwait Naval Forces in 1977.
The war led by the deposed president and Al Houthis on the people of Taiz is a war of vengeance," Brig Gen Al Shraji said, "It is aimed at punishing the people of Taiz because they sided with the legitimate government and the Yemeni people.
Jarallah Mohammed Alolwait; Commander of SMF base 522 Brig Gen.
ISLAMABAD, 13 May, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Brig Gen Abdulla Saeed Al Mansoori, Commander Royal Bahrain Naval Force is on an official visit to Pakistan on the invitation of Pakistan Navy.
A salute to this committee: Brig Gen Paul Cohen, Max Moore, and John Ott, Tern Reeves organized a huge volume of paperwork for the judges and sold Booster Lines for the Scholarship Banquet Booklet.