BRIMMBatch Recursive Interacting Multiple Model
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Professor Brimm has interviewed Global Cosmopolitans at different life stages and has garnered insights from those on the front line of the global economy.
In Texas, around the time Brimm came onto the scene, A.
In an effort to evaluate innovation outcomes from their own perspectives, various groups focus on different data in their assessment of outcomes (Ashmos, McDaniel, & Duchon, 1990; Brimm, 1988).
Also on this hunt were Gary and Carolyn Brimm from Wyoming, and E.J.
Brimm (Eds.), Life-span development and behavior, Vol.
Michael Brimm, "Risky Business: Why Sponsoring Innovations May Be Hazardous to Career Health," Organizational Dynamics, Winter 1988, pp.
The latest is Press Profiles, offered since March through a Chicago public relations firm, Werle + Brimm. For $185, media-savvy corporate suits can obtain access to a database of "evaluations" of at least 200 reporters, editors and columnists.
and his partners, Daniel Brimm and Steve Baptiste, were the sole bidders for the 1,360 acres up for sale.
Brimm's line includes the cleaning product Ban-A-Stain, which is formulated to remove, rather then bleach, stains.
And there were the three "B's" Bill Balling, the late Bill Brimm and Dane Bragg the village managers he served under in Buffalo Grove.