BRIMOBBrigade Mobil (Mobile Brigade of Indonesian Police)
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(44) On May 11, a Brimob officer was stabbed by a suspected Islamist extremist near the Brimob headquarters.
In West Papua, the brutal and unaccountable Indonesian military and its accomplices, the militarized police (Brimob), special forces (Kopassus) and "anti-terror" force (Detachment 88) continue to operate with impunity under the old dictatorship's rules: peaceful dissent is criminalized; civil society leaders are humiliated and intimidated and the international community is precluded from any effective monitoring of conditions in this besieged community.
(24) Satu tewas ditembak, enam ditangkap dan ratusan lainny dipukuli Brimob demi kepentingan perusahaan tambang PT NHM/Newcrest di Maluku Utara', press release by Solidarity with the Kao and Malifut Community, 8 January 2004.
In dealing with the violence, the overwhelmed local police force called in reinforcements from the more heavily armed paramilitary police force (Brimob).
However, given that Congress is now contemplating increasing funding to train your security forces, including KOPASSUS and BRIMOB, we are hopeful that you will now address the concerns expressed in that letter.
Hence, in Jakarta the Police's Special Brigade (Brimob) are only allowed to `shoot-on-sight' after first using water cannons and tear gas to control riots.
For the people of Liquisa it was a liberation." He adds that in Liquisa the militias asked the TNI-ABRI for backup-and got it from the BRIMOB, a unit specializing in crowd control.
The police paramilitary unit Brimob (Brigade Mobile) and particularly its second anti-terror regiment Gegana--together with the U.S.-trained and funded special forces group, Detasemen Khusus or Desus 88 (Detachment 88), which was operational by 2005--subsequently harried the militant wing of JI across the archipelago.
In that year, the city's Pol.PP intelligence team obtained information that street sellers (pedagang) were doing illicit business in the areas surrounding the province's elite police (Brimob) barracks.
(59) As local state agents were heavily involved, the authorities called in an army unit from outside the area: in 1990 an Army Mobile Brigade (Brimob) from Banda Aceh clamped down on the logging.
There are currently around 12,000 troops in Aceh, supplemented by another 20,000 police (mostly mobile brigade or Brimob).
A paramilitary arm of the police (Brimob, Brigade Mobil Polri), which was especially equipped and trained for crowd and riot control, was strengthened and many national police leaders were recruited from that division.