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BRISBarnens Rätt I Samhället (Swedish: Children's Right in Society)
BRISBloodstock Research Information Services
BRISBohemian Regional Innovation Strategy (Czech Republic)
BRISBanana Research Information System (Biodiversity International; Montpellier, France)
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Naturally, Mishel chose the more Jewish-centric episodes to start, including "The Bar Mitzvah," "The Bris" and "The Dentist."
On October 2, IMD will host an event entitled "Bitcoin: Boom or Bust" featuring a debate between Arturo Bris and "Bitcoin Jesus" Roger Ver, the controversial millionaire bitcoin investor.
Delivering an evening presentation as IMD professor of finance and strategy to business decisionmakers assembled at a weeklong leadership program this summer, Bris spews fire and brimstone, outlining eight risks that could produce the next global economic meltdown (see box).
"While many economies seem to be finally rebounding since the 2008 crisis, we shouldn't be complacent," Bris said.
Since then, he has performed thousands of Bris Milah / Ritual Circumcisions and today is performing brissen on the children of the boys he circumcised over 27 years ago.
In attacking terms that breathless 22-21 victory at the Memorial Stadium was Moseley's best performance of the campaign, as impish fly-half Glyn Hughes led the Bris back-line a merry dance.
Mae mynediad am ddim i holl weithgareddau'r Maes, gan gynnwys y Pafiliwn a'r is-bafiliynau, am bris tocyn Maes dyddiol, a cheir prisiau consesiynol ar gyfer plant a phensiynwyr.
"This project seeks to develop ways to utilize waste as a resource via diversion from traditional endpoint means," said Henry Saint Bris, senior vice president of strategy for Suez Environment and chairman of the EREF board of directors, in a statement.
An experiment was conducted to determine the response of four sea water treatments on an improved pineapple genotype "N-36" grown in Beach Ridges Interspersed with Swales (BRIS) soil.
Many wounded veterans from combat theaters in Iraq and Afghanistan exhibit severe polytrauma from blast-related injuries (BRIs) sustained via conventional explosives and improvised explosive devices (IEDs).
Along with Michel Le Bris, Rouaud also initiated the "Toward a 'World-Literature' in French" manifesto that appears on page 54 of this issue.
SW Services[TM] has published a flyer devoted to bris Cap[TM] described as a patented way to protect gas valves from dirt, debris and damage.