BRISCBarry Rehabilitation Inpatient Screening of Cognition (test)
BRISCBusiness Resource Investment Service Center (New York, NY)
BRISCBiological Recording in Scotland Campaign (UK)
BRISCBack & Rosta Information Security Consulting Ltd (Budapest, Hungary)
BRISCBus Route Information System for Chennai City (India)
BRISCBritish Intelligence Support Center
BRISCBipolar/BiCMOS Reduced Instruction Set Computer
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The Barry Rehabilitation In-patient Screening of Cognition (BRISC) requires less than 30 minutes and is a valid neurological assessment battery with established psychometric properties (Barry, Clark, Yaguda, Higgins, & Mangel, 1989).
Max Bialystock Nathan Lane Leo Bloom Matthew Broderick Ulla Uma Thurman Franz Liebkind Will Ferrell Roger De Brisc Gary Beach Carmen Ghia Roger Bart Hold Me-Touch Me Eileen Essell Judge David Huddleston Prison Trustee Michael McKean Lick Me-Bite Me Debra Monk Kiss Me-Feel Me Andrea Martin Mr.
Carver Federal Savings Bank Chairman Thomas Clark sits on the board of directors of the Business Resource & Investment Service Center (BRISC).
and the Small Business Administration led to the creation of BRISC, which has allocated $500,000 in capital for those looking to start up new businesses or renovate existing establishments.
1350-90),where he commands his horse, brysc gwyl yr hoen breisc alaw `swift, of gentle sprightliness, a fine lily', to go as his messenger to the girl.(4) In the light of what follows, brysc here is best taken as a borrowing from Irish brisc (not English brisk) unique in medieval Welsh.