BRIVBiological Resorbable Immobilization Vehicle
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On newspapers as sources of personal advice on love, sexuality, courtship, marriage, and child-rearing, see Blicksilver, "The Bintl Briv Woman Writer," 36-49; Maxine S.
It was much criticized by Soviet literati; Itsik Fefer, for instance, called it "a caricature of our Soviet life." See Mordechai Altshuler, ed., Briv fun yidishe sovetishe shraybers (Jerusalem, 1979), pp.
Briv tsu abrashen [Letters to Abrasha], the last novel in this series, follows its characters into the concentration camps and chronicles their survival and their lives after the war.
In championing tolerance and recognizing the ideological fluidity and ambiguity among his readership, Cahan appealed to the "ordinary person." Not only did the Forverts publish stories that the editors believed would reflect what immigrants wanted to hear, but it even cultivated the views and words of the readers themselves in columns such as the famous "Bintl briv," or bundle of letters, in which immigrants wrote in requesting advice on particular situations.
For excellent background on the genesis and methodology of the Bintl briv, see Wolfe, "A Study in Immigrant Attitudes and Problems, Based on an Analysis of Four Hundred Letters Printed in the 'Bintel Brief' of the Jewish Daily Forward" (M.A.
Today's socialist worker frequently became tomorrow's boss without necessarily jettisoning his or her socialist affiliations.(73) A good illustration is a 1909 letter published in the Forverts' "Bind briv" advice column.