BRMCBlack Rebel Motorcycle Club (from the 1953 movie, the Wild One; also a band)
BRMCBlue Ridge Mountains Council (Boy Scouts of America)
BRMCBrownwood Regional Medical Center (Brownwood, TX)
BRMCBay Regional Medical Center (Michigan)
BRMCBlue Ridge Music Center
BRMCBorder Riders Motorcycle Club (Seattle, WA)
BRMCBasic Rifle Marksmanship Course
BRMCBoston Regional Medical Center, Inc.
BRMCBritish Masters Championships
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He will assume the role of chairman of the BRMC while simultaneously serving as a member of the BAC and BNRC.
The program, which is part of BRMC's Behavioral Health Services division, treats adult men and women.
Similar to the original jacket, it will feature 'Johnny' name tag and the BRMC distressed print on the back.
I missed BRMC that night in February and as the set got under way, I began to wish I'd given them a miss tonight too.
Baby 81 is a return to the BRMC of old and is a sizeable shift away from the folky/bluesy tones of their previous album, Howl.
The driving riffs of BRMC got the crowd suitably worked up for the rousing sounds of The Killers.
The Konica/Minolta CR system installed at BRMC and the 2 clinical affiliate sites uses imaging plates that respond to primary and remnant x-rays with roughly the same sensitivity as a 200 speed film/screen system.
Well, if it is good enough for The White Stripes then it has to be good enough for BRMC. Delving into the influences of Blues and Gospels ( not always a good idea for a rock band whose previous speciality was the fuzzy electric guitars ( this is an interesting, if slightly flawed, attempt to move into White Stripes' territory.
Howl is released in the UK on August 22, with the now restored BRMC line-up in Carling Festival action at Reading and Leeds the following weekend.
BLACK REBEL MOTORCYCLE CLUB Take Them On, On Your Own (Virgin) RETRO rockers BRMC return with more no-frills, fuzzy rock 'n' roll that demands to be played loud.
Headliners Velvet Audio rounded out the evening with their well-crafted indie rock, drawing comparisons to BRMC and Biffy, closing with the driving Run, Rabbit, Run and Blue Cats.
Bradford Regional Medical Center (BRMC; Bradford, Pa.) recently announced the launch of the first hospital-based Internet addiction treatment and recovery program in the United States.