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BROACHBomb Royal Ordnance Augmenting Charge
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So the doctor decided to broach the subject now, as being psychologically as favorable a time as any.
He recognised no obligation on his part to broach the subject.
But he did not broach it, preferring to mature it carefully.
She had come to make certain whether or not he would be at their table for Thanksgiving dinner; but before she could broach the subject Martin plunged into the one with which he was full.
And I have decided that it is my duty to broach the subject to Leslie.
I had been turning over an idea in my head, and I felt that the moment had now come to broach it.
The fact was, that Tom's heart had already smitten him for not asking his fidus Achates to the feast, although only an extempore affair; and though prudence and the desire to get Martin and Arthur together alone at first had overcome his scruples, he was now heartily glad to open the door, broach another bottle of beer, and hand over the old ham-knuckle to the searching of his old friend's pocket-knife.
I'll tell you what, my buck,' said Mr Tappertit, releasing his leg; 'I'll trouble you not to take liberties, and not to broach certain questions unless certain questions are broached to you.
He was still sitting with his elbows upon his knees, considering how he should broach the matter to his daughter when a soft hand was laid upon his, and looking up, he saw her standing beside him.
weapon to incorporate the Broach multi- stage blast fragmentation/penetrator warhead, and the Multi-Application Fuze Initiation System (MAFIS) developed by Team Broach.
The Moyco Union Broach products include endodontic files, mirrors, waxes and abrasives.
In the past, broach machines came equipped with a system of switches and relays that controlled the length of the stroke, but were not easily or quickly reconfigurable.