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BROACHBomb Royal Ordnance Augmenting Charge
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Had it not been for the heavy drag of the nets, we would inevitably have broached to at the mercy of the enraged fishermen.
The smaller sorts of wild-fowl, of which there was abundance, were not served up in platters, but brought in upon small wooden spits or broaches, and offered by the pages and domestics who bore them, to each guest in succession, who cut from them such a portion as he pleased.
James Broach of Princeton University, Michael Wigler of the Cold Spring Harbor (N.Y.) Laboratory and colleagues have now answered this question for one of the genes -- at least as it performs in yeast cells.
For Morris Welding, changing a broach ate shop time and the cost of a new one could be as much as $300; both lost time and new tool costs made work with traditional keyseaters unprofitable.
The 2160 rotary broach heads are suitable for medical and dental implant--bone screws--manufacturing and aerospace-rated fasteners that use hex shapes.
NNA - 10/10/2012 - The Cabinet convened Wednesday at the Baabda presidential palace to look into a 72-item agenda as well as into the long-simmering appointments, an item to be broached from outside the session's schedule.
His reluctance in turn has led some to wonder if a Kolbe convention speech would even broach gay rights issues.
Slater Tools announces a new Swiss-type Rotary Broach toolholder.
A broach is a long multitooth cutting tool with successively deeper cuts.
The new edition of the Minute Man Stock Broach Catalog is now available from the DuMont Corporation.
Ohio Broach's "table-up" broaching machine design eliminates the need for broaching pits and elevated work platforms.