BROMIBetter Regulation of Over-the-Counter Medicines Initiative (UK)
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Apres avoir proteste, denonce, crie l'injustice et l'inegalite handicapante; apres la tentative des suicides non aboutis, apres ce [beaucoup moins que]debout et lutte![beaucoup plus grand que] chante par Rachid Bromi dans une belle melodie vers la fin du spectacle, les personnages tentent et reussissent parfaitement de se mettre en equilibre sur la balancoire.
Swedish investor Investment AB Latour (OMX Stockholm: LATO A) (OMX Stockholm: LATO B) said on Friday (22 August) that its business area Machinery Trading has sold the activities of the company Mekana AB to Bromi Maskin AB.
bromi was collected at the Arlington Experiment Station.
(University Park, PA) for resistance to Pyrenophora bromi (Died.) Drechs.
bromi were scored 10 d after inoculation and plants inoculated with P.
bromi, the number of replicates was reduced from four to three, because of low spore production.
bromi experiments was estimated by means of a digital camera and imaging software (Optimas version 6.2).
Pyrenophora bromi and Bipolaris sorokiniana (Necrotrophs)
bromi, Lincoln and WB88S, the two populations that have not undergone breeding and selection, had the highest diseased leaf area, lesion size, and field reaction, and WB88S had the highest lesion frequency (Table 2).
bromi suggested the possibility of tight linkage or pleiotropy.
bromi) is considered the most serious disease of smooth bromegrass (Casler and Carlson, 1995).