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(9.) Brosch R, Gordon SV, Marmiesse M, Brodin P, Buchrieser C, Eiglmeier K, et al.
Starting on January 7, 50 large-format photos from the 2014 exhibition by the likes of Marcelo Benfield, Iris Brosch, Daniele Cipriani, Sune Czajkowski, Lucia Giacani, Nancy Fina and Anita Bresser go on display in Dubai, alongside 10 works by five local and regional photographers -- Emirati photographers Nasser Ali and Fatma Hilal, Maha Nasra Edde from Lebanon, Atif Abu Samra from Sudan and Adel Rashid from Syria.
Similarly, researchers have suggested that contextual cues can have substantial effects on how facial stimuli are processed (Matsumoto & Sung Hwang, 2010; Wieser & Brosch, 2012).
When Phyllis's brother Jeffrey Brosch was asked about early signs of her later success, his answer was simple: she did her homework.
Renate Brosch's "Vernacular Space: Narrative Space in Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang", along with Micaela Moura-Kocoglu's essay on indigenous children's fiction in New Zealand and the Americas, examine how past visual images conflict and complement linguistic representations of identity in the present.
The webcomics revolution first hit the humor strip--think xkcd or Allie Brosch's Hyperbole and a Half--but it has opened up to embrace longer narrative as well.
The luxury condominium complex will have 141 two-to-four-bedroom residences in a contemporary tower designed by Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Associates of Coral Gables, the architectural firm responsible for the recent $1-billion renovation and expansion of the Fontainebleau Hotel on Miami Beach.
Noah Brosch introduced it in the December 1991 Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society because he thought it could be an "evaporating small cluster in the Galactic halo."
Nursing research has been a driving force in identification of NSPOs and indicators (ANA, 2013; Doran, 2003; Johnson, Maas, & Moorhead, 2000; Patrician, Loan, McCarthy, Brosch, & Davey, 2010).