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BROZBratislavskeho Regionalneho Ochranarskeho Zdruzenia (Slovak: Regional Association for Nature Conservation and Sustainable Development; Slovak Republic)
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BROZ built it with help of a grant from the Danube Fund grant programme.
A simple wooden coffin without a state flag was put under the white marble lid engraved with "Jovanka Broz, 1924-2013" in golden letters.
After Tito's death in 1980, Broz lived largely in isolation, shut away in a crumbling state-owned villa in the Serbian capital without a passport or ID.
In this reason, the error is corrected using correction coefficient C dependent on the number of blades z and velocity ratio [lambda] (Broz & Slavik, 1979)
of Robinson Broz represented the seller, and Steven Gursky, Esq.
By whatever name we know it, however, as we ponder this phenomenal truth we can't help but wonder: Could it be more than just mere coincidence that the resurrected Jesus chose to appear first to a woman--Mary Magdalene--as she was working her way through a spring garden?" (Mary Ruth Broz, R.S.M and Barbara Flynn, Midwives of on Unnamed Future, ACTA)
The new Seasons Collection by Homefires by Design brings the work of designers Kate Ward Thacker and Cecile Broz to colorful fruition.
Indonesian start-up carrier Efata Papua Airlines is to lease three Boeing 727 aircraft, one of which is the jet previously used by Yugoslavia's late strongman Josip Broz Tito.
(Editor's Note: Phyllis Broz. was a long-serving member of the Military Traffic Management Command.
But this has proven to be as phony as the very same deceptions used by Communists like Nasser in Egypt, Sukarno in Indonesia, Josip Broz Tito in Yugoslavia, Romulo Betancourt in Venezuela, and dozens of other Reds who at various times found it expedient to temporarily change their stripes.
The concert will feature the Original Crew, Lethal Trout, Walkabout, Evan Belize, Bubbler Broz and Big Venus.