BRPCBerkshire Regional Planning Commission (Pittsfield, MA)
BRPCBlue Ridge Poison Center (Charlottesville, VA)
BRPCBrooks Range Petroleum Corporation (Alaska Venture Capital Group, LLC; Anchorage, AK)
BRPCBurlington Rifle and Pistol Club (Bulrington, VT)
BRPCBertrand Roux Plomberie Chauffage (French plumbing and heating company)
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24) Natural environments surrounding many other BRPCs may also be degraded due to widespread environmental pollution and, possibly, the leakage of some biological weapons agents into the soil.
Second, reports indicate that many BRPCs in former Soviet states are in bad physical condition.
27) Personnel at BRPCs in former Soviet states are generally poorly paid, which, some believe, could motivate them to steal and sell dangerous pathogens, weapons technologies, or instructions related to BW development and production.
Since 1995, the United States has gained access to many BRPCs in former Soviet states and has sought to prevent proliferation of BW capabilities.
Increasing transparency at BRPCs that once participated in the Soviet/Russian BW program;
The ISTC Partner Program facilitates collaboration between private organizations and BRPCs in former Soviet states, and provides private organizations with the same advantages, such as tax-exempt status and auditing capabilities, that it provides U.
The Collaborative Research Program is designed to "prevent the proliferation of BW technologies, increase transparency, and enhance US force protection capabilities through research projects with former BW scientists at the BRPCs.
In some cases, the United States can develop projects with individual BRPCs and individual scientists at the grass-roots level, without interacting with any Russian government agency.
First, before beginning cooperative projects with the United States, BRPCs must provide assurance "that they will abstain from offensive research or proliferation activities.
As of March 2002, more than 40 BRPCs throughout the former Soviet Union have engaged in cooperative projects with the United States.
They also contribute to cooperative projects by providing funding or in-kind resources, such as equipment and utilities, to the BRPCs.
75) The number of BRPCs known to have been part of the Soviet/Russian BW infrastructure continues to increase.