BRPFBertrand Russell Peace Foundation (est. 1963)
BRPFBlue Ridge Parkway Foundation (North Carolina)
BRPFBryon Riesch Paralysis Foundation (Waukesha, WI)
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The BRPF was by 1965-1966 inundated with requests, mostly from socialist societies on university and college campuses, to provide speakers for public rallies and forums opposed to the Vietnam War.
All of this is chronicled in Tate's chapter on the crisis in the Russell Foundation, along with the ways this imbroglio led to difficulties, allegations, and FI discipline against Ken Coates, whose taste for "deep entryism" had led him to develop particularly close relations with the BRPF.
The BRPF sponsored four tribunals: on the United States and its allies' war crimes in Vietnam, on repression in Latin America, on West German Berufsverbote, and on rights of indigenous peoples in the Americas.