BRRIBangladesh Rice Research Institute
BRRIBuilding and Road Research Institute (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research; Fumesua, Ghana)
BRRIBrannan Resort Rentals, Inc. (Texas)
BRRIBethany Relief and Rehabilitation International
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A field experiment was conducted on a clay loam soil at BRRI to evaluate the relative performance of PU surface broadcasting and PU injection for N use efficiency in wetland rice culture (Choudhury and Bhuiyan, 1994).
A field experiment was conducted on a silty clay soil at BRRI to study the synergistic effects of N and S on growth and yield of wetland rice (Choudhury et al.
A field experiment was conducted using four rice varieties (BR1, BR3, BR14 and BRRIdhan 29) having different agronomic parameters (Table 9) in a clay soil at BRRI farm in 1993 (BRRI, 1996).
BRRI Dhan-33 matures in 118 days, while BINA-7, developed by Bangladesh Institute of Nuclear Agriculture (Bina), matures in 110-120 days - both a month earlier than BR-11, the preferred variety for the aman season.
The new rice variety, expected to be named BRRI Dhan-62, will have 9 Percent pro- tein and 18-20 parts per million zinc con- tents after milling, higher than those of the already popular high-yield seeds.
However Genotypes IR20 MR33 MR219 and BRRI dhan29 showed maximum nitrogen accumulation at highest salinity level whereas MR232 showed minimum nitrogen accumulation at all salinity levels.
In root the genotypes BRRI dhan29 MR232 MR219 MR33 and IR20 producedhigher nitrogen accumulation then the other genotypes.
In root BRRI dhan29 also showed maximum Na+ ion accumulation at 12 dS m-1(5.
The highest spinach seed germination was observed under control treatment and BRRI dhan47 (Table IV).
09%) was in WITA12 and BRRI dhan44 and the lowest (8.
According to the BRRI guidelines cultivation of BRRI dhan28, BRRI dhan45, BRRI dhan55, BRRI dhan74, BRRI dhan81, BRRI hybrid dhan2, BRRI hybrid dhan3 and BRRI hybrid dhan5 have been encouraged for the low lying areas of the country as they are comparatively short duration and early maturing varieties.
And it is suggested to take special care such as early seeding if comparatively long duration varieties like BR14, BR16, BRRI dhan29, BRRI dhan58, BRRI dhan69 and BRRI dhan60 are to be cultivated, because flash floods can destroy the crops even though they yield higher than the previous ones.