BRSSBackup and Recovery Solution Service
BRSSBlue Ridge Soaring Society (New Castle, VA)
BRSSBuilt Rite Storage Solutions
BRSSBindel-Raymond-Stein-Syndrome (illness)
BRSSBachelor of Recreation and Sport Studies (degree; Canada)
BRSSBill Reporting Self Serve (Telstra)
BRSSBrigade Remote Subscriber Service
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CCL commenced work on the BRSS pilot project in August 2014, and completed the supporting beams' installation in December 2014.
The original project had two phases, the first to establish the BRSS and the second to expand it by 5 kilometers to power 10,000 homes.
Ghajar explained that the amount of consumption varies depending on the season and time of day, and it's therefore difficult to estimate how many houses could be powered by the BRSS project.
Figure 5 shows the performance difference of BRSS hybrid algorithm tested with BR algorithm and SS.
But the BRS of D is the union of the BRSs of all points of D, namely:
The POS is divided into four value dimension subscales: Respect for Basic Rights (BRSS), Commitment to Individual Freedom (IFSS), Sense of Social Responsibility (SRSS), and Support of Self-Determination (SDSS) (Abbott, 1988).
Fungal exposures have been documented to cause allergic diseases (e.g., allergic rhinitis and asthma, hypersensitivity pneumonitis), toxicoses (e.g., aflatoxicoses, ergotism), irritation (e.g., mucous membrane or skin irritation), and infections (e.g., histoplamosis, blastomycosis) (13-17) and have been blamed for nonspecific building-related symptoms (BRSs) (4,18).
Rommel Reyes, who was assigned to the Bureau of Reservation Security Service (BRSS), was gunned down Sunday afternoon by a man on a motorcycle inside the NBP complex at Barangay Poblacion in Muntinlupa City.
A proposed 6km extension to the Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS) project has been "postponed indefinitely", according to a source within the Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation (LCEC).
Amid the power shortage comes 1 megawatt of good news -- the Beirut River Solar Snake (BRSS), a photovoltaic system spanning the Beirut River, has been switched...
But the group said it was not planning any jobs cuts among BRSs 154 employees, at 37 locations, who will join Volvo Contract Services 51-strong workforce.