BRSSBackup and Recovery Solution Service
BRSSBlue Ridge Soaring Society (New Castle, VA)
BRSSBuilt Rite Storage Solutions
BRSSBindel-Raymond-Stein-Syndrome (illness)
BRSSBachelor of Recreation and Sport Studies (degree; Canada)
BRSSBill Reporting Self Serve (Telstra)
BRSSBrigade Remote Subscriber Service
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When asked whether the BRSS extension project had been postponed indefinitely, the LCEC source said that they understood this to be the case, but pointed out that no official statement on the matter had been issued by either the LCEC or Lebanon's Ministry of Energy and Water.
Lebanon-based Phoenix Energy was appointed as the main contractor for the BRSS pilot project, and UK-headquartered structural engineering firm, CCL , designed and installed post-tensioned concrete beams to support the development's solar panels.
The solar sector alone is now blossoming with upwards of 70 companies, versus the two to three when the BRSS project began in 2013.
In the short term, the LCEC will soon put out a call for proposals to replicate the successes of the BRSS elsewhere in Lebanon.
Although the government has set a target of having 12 percent of the grid powered by renewable energy, sources revealed, BRSS is the first major step toward that.
Speaking at this week's Beirut Energy Forum, the Energy Minister Arthur Nazarian announced that 2015 would see the completion of the BRSS project, as well as a new 3MW solar farm and several different wind power projects ranging from 50 MW to 100 MW.
Figure 5 shows the performance difference of BRSS hybrid algorithm tested with BR algorithm and SS.
Conclusion: The hybrid BRSS algorithm achieves good performance with number of character comparisons, number of attempts and searching time in applications pattern matching in DNA, Protein and English text.
The means of the POS-related items suggest an overall liberal tendency among members, although the BRSS and SDSS subscales had higher liberal scores than the IFSS and SRSS subscales.
However, according to a source within the LCEC , the BRSS backers have taken the decision to pursue a series of smaller installations across Lebanon instead.
BRSS was originally scheduled for early 2015, but a long winter season, Khoury says, plus final preparations and aesthetic installations -- a chainlink fence, greenery, and signage -- delayed delivery by nearly two months.
The BRSS is a two phase project with a total planned output of 10 megawatts.