BRTABilateral and Regional Trade Agreements
BRTABerkshire Regional Transit Authority
BRTABaghdad Rapid Transit Authority (Baghdad, Iraq)
BRTABedfordshire Railway & Transport Association
BRTABangladesh Rural Telecom Authority
BRTABusiness Response to AIDS
BRTABlue Ridge Technical Academy
BRTABushmans River Tourism Association (Zambia)
BRTABlack Rock Travel Agency (Black Rock City, NV)
BRTABradford Retired Teachers' Association
BRTABlackpool Radio Taxi Association
BRTABabbage Rail Transit Authority
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Comparative law studies are also important when market liberalisation commitments entrenched through BRTAs are combined with novel features such as 'mutual recognition' principles and, consequently, perhaps joint standard-setting between national regulators.
The lack of a close equivalent Within the Asia-Pacific region is paralleled by arguably ambiguous evidence as to whether BRTAs have contributed much to 'behind-the-borders' improvements in market access.
Investment chapters in BRTAs, restating similar protections, but also recording market liberalisation commitments, also generally add this dispute resolution ('DR') mcechanism.
BRTA is only one input in the diffusion of AIDS workplace programs by U.
In light of this, the CDC could identify potential champions for its BRTA program and target them for special training courses and other communication activities.
The infection of AA flight attendant Dawn Beckels also helped shake up the airline enough to act in establishing its worksite AIDS program and eventually to adopt BRTA.
In October and November 1992, advance information on the BRTA teleconference was sent to 35,000 corporations with communication systems that could receive the broadcast.
Communities in approximately 33 states and the District of Columbia used the BRTA teleconference as an event to involve local business leaders with public health and AIDS service organizations to promote HIV workplace education.
For BRTAs entered between ASEAN countries and other countries see Association of Southeast Asian Nations External Relation <http://www.
To assist business and labor in initiating their own HIV-education programs, the CDC National AIDS Clearinghouse has established the BRTA Resource Service.