BRTUBroadband Remote Test Unit (Hekimian)
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The SmartBits BRTU allows service providers to test a range of data services to identify and fix any performance issues quickly, ultimately leading to higher customer satisfaction levels.
Spirent's SmartBits BRTU enables service providers to verify network performance at the physical and logical layers and correlate events across the layers -- all from a single connection.
The announcement, made at SUPERCOMM 2001 in Atlanta, GA, introduces the BRTU OC-12, an optical interface intended for use in both new and existing Spirent Communications Broadband Remote Test Units (BRTUs).
The BRTU OC-12 makes it possible for telecommunication service providers to perform a wide range of broadband tests in high density DS3 environments, using the optical ports provided on leading-edge digital and optical cross connect systems.
This solution will allow service providers to gain additional return on investment from their embedded base of BRTUs and remote-test operations support systems (OSSs), because the BRTU OC-12 supports legacy and next generation cross-connect devices.
The hot-swappable BRTU OC-12 is intended for use with both broadband digital cross-connect systems and optical test access units.
The BRTU OC-12 also enables direct and immediate interoperability with existing back-office operations support systems (OSSs) for remote testing and fault monitoring, including Spirent Communications' widely-deployed REACT 2001 remote test OSS.