BRULBrandweer Regio Utrechts Land (Dutch: Utrecht Country Region Firefighters; Utrecht, The Netherlands)
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Following the figures from easyJet as well as those from Ryanair and British Airways, BNP Paribas analyst Nick can den Brul has said that traffic recovery has been solid while the low-cost market appears to be doing well despite falling ticket prices, Reuters reported.
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Lyon looked to have given themselves a lifeline when Pegguy Luyindula pulled a goal back on 83 minutes, but Tjorven De Brul restored the Belgians' three-goal advantage in the last minute.
The Belgians began the rout in four minutes through Gaeten Englebert and added further strikes in the second half from Peter van der Heyden, Tjoerven de Brul and Andres Mendoza.
If Father Browne influenced who I was becoming, the person who further shaped my decision to run for office and who had everything to do with the kind of office holder I became was Paul Du Brul. He also became my closest friend for the ten years after I met him and before he died an untimely death.
It's hard for Caroline to walk or stand--she has cerebral palsy (sur-REE- brul PAUL-zee).
Richard Fitzgerald; music and lyrics, Brul; choreography, Alejandro Ronceria; production stage manager, Jane E.
Sayre, Governing New York City (New York: Russell Sage Foundation, 1960); Paul Du Brul and jack Newfield, The Abuse of Power, The Permanent Government and the Fall of New York (New York: Viking, 1977); Roger E.
As Jack Newfield, a senior editor of The Village Voice, and Paul de Brul astutely observed in The Permanent Government, their study of New York City, "The cornerstone of the permanent government is the Golden Triangle of politics-real estate-banking.'
Brul, "Dynamics of cell wall structure in Saccharomyces cerevisiae," FEMS Microbiology Reviews, vol.
Swift action and genuine protagonists make for a fast-paced story line, especially paired with actor Jason Culp's vivid narration in Clive Cussler with Jack Du Brul's Corsair (9780143144168, $29.95).
21 Die leeus brul op soek na prooi [...] 22 As die son opkom, sluip hulle weg en gaan le in hulle skuilplekke.