BRUUBull Run Unitarian Universalists (Manassas, VA)
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Pal Bruu joined the SOL group in 2000 as a Managing Director at SOL's subsidiary Bid2Day AB.
In celebration of hitting this celebrity trifecta, Fichera and Bruu will actually be venturing to the French Riviera along with their shirts with plans this time of promoting their products in person.
We're not just a clothing company," said Bruu, a marketing and public relations professional and owner of December Marketing.
Bruu and Fichera's own epiphany--the one that gave birth to Liv'n Out Loud
The answer came when their ponderings collided with a growing appreciation for a really cozy sweatshirt Bruu had purchased during a road trip.
It's that same feeling of excitement and empowerment that Bruu and Fichera are trying to ignite in others.
According to Bruu, sales have increased by 7,000 percent over the first year, and orders have come in from across America and as far away as Poland and Bulgaria.
While the Hollywood spotlight has been exciting, Bruu credits the company's steady and rapid growth to regular press coverage and viral marketing.
Promotion through involvement also has worked for Bruu and Fichera.