BRUVSBaited Remote Underwater Video Stations (underwater research; Australia)
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We determined species composition and relative abundance of sharks encountered in the Atlantic Ocean off east-central Florida by using UVC conducted by divers and analysis of videos from baited remote underwater video stations (BRUVS), and we compared our results with those of Bacheler et al.
Others are scientific: SMURFs turn out to be Standardised Monitoring Units for the Recruitment of Fishes, BRUVs are Baited Remote Underwater Videocameras, and FADs Fish Aggregation Devices.
BRUVS designer and researcher, Mike Cappo, said remedial measures must include an alternative source of income for the poor artisanal fishermen who rely on the fishery.
Nearly all BRUVS studies now use an approach called MinCount (or MaxN or MaxNo) to index the number of individuals of various species present at a site (Ellis and DeMartini, 1995; Murphy and Jenkins, 2010).
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